Government Sanctioned is an online, text-based espionage RPG (similar to a MUD/MOO) that takes place against the backdrop of a highly-secretive U.S. Government agency whose stated goals don't always match the dirty work the agents tend to find themselves in.

The game is in the final stages of design and coding has already begun on the stable, frozen features (at 30,000 lines of code currently). Looking for game developers and content creators now, and play testers and beta testers when those stages are reached on the development roadmap.


Supported and initially conceived by B. Gian James of Open Design Strategies, an open source software development company. The game server is written and runs on Linux while the client runs on both Windows and Linux. The game server is written in C++ and utilizes a MySQL DB back-end with object persistence provided by the ODB ORM. The server benefits from the Boost C++ Library and runs with an embedded Falcon scripting engine for real-time changes of world objects. Building the world is primarily accomplished through the Government Sanctioned Builder Interface.


That's great! I'd ask first that you do a little homework.
1) Read the New Developer Presentation
2) Look over the websites posted below
3) Download the source and check it out
4) Have some idea how you would like to contribute and in what areas of the project


Government Sanctioned Home Page

Government Sanctioned Wiki

Government Sanctioned Forums

Government Sanctioned JIRA Issue Manager

Government Sanctioned Open Source Explorer

Thanks for checking our my/our project. I hope you found something to interest you and if you have any further interest or questions, feel free to drop me an email.

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